An ode to the ones I admire

Greetings lovely one,

My deepest gratitude and appreciation for your time and attention. I know we’re all busy running from fire to fire, navigating people testing our very last nerve, and wondering how to find the sacred in all this mess while giving side-eye laser beams to 2020. I get it. So, I figured I’d start this new iteration of my love letter newsletter with something light to eat for easy digestion. Sound good?

You’ve been on my mind. This year hasn’t been the easiest for a lot of us, myself included. In fact, with all the deadlines I’m trying to make (like grad school papers), no matter how much I tried to resist it, my heart yearned to pick up my pen and write to you. I’d show you my chicken scratch handwriting but … OK, fine here it is:

I know, I know…

What I’m trying to say is, I really just wanted to be of loving service to you in my own unique way.

You, the healer, the be-the-change champion. You, who decided to be the one you were looking for when you realize that no enigmatic figure was going to swoop down and make everything “right” in the world. You who turned intention into a willing choice, I celebrate you.

I’ve watched you since I was a little girl from the hood. I wanted to be like you when I grew up. And you instead encouraged me to be myself, and that who I was – that was more than enough.

So, it’s my turn to remind you of the same.

That you are still enough.

And I still believe that for every seed you plant, out of someone grows a tree that will weather storms and bear good fruit in a flourishing forest.

Impact is not always something we can control and it doesn’t even need to be any of our business. We do the work because it’s ours to do and we know this to be true.

I don’t know about you, but I remember the first time I said “yes” to my calling; it felt so right and a bit scary so I cried. I cried for the death of my ambivalence and numbness, and my clinging to the hurts of my past. I cried with joy and hope of my newfound ribbon pitbull lock on determination.

Do you remember? Do you still remember your why?

It’s okay to be tired and to take time for rest; indeed we deserve and are inherently worthy of rest. It’s okay to get discouraged and frustrated at times. We’ve all been there.

That’s why we have each other. That’s why we don’t travel alone.

So that’s what I’m offering, this space for you to reconnect with purpose, and to be encouraged by other travelers for your journey.

Take what you need, and if everything ain’t for you – leave the rest.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,


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Tales from the blog keepers

I recently wrote a blog post reflecting on handling the changing seasons of life.

Shallow relationships are too easy to find. I don’t know about you, but I want to go deeper. Even in my business relationships, I know there’s a way for us to meet somewhere in the middle.

Self-care isn’t selfish. Give yourself some grace!

A while back, I teamed up with my dear friend, spiritual companion, and sister love activist Crystal Meisaan Chan to share an embodied meditation practice. Less than 15 minutes long, give it a try for a daily self-care break.

Muse of the month

Artwork shared with permission. Please support Ricardo Levins Morales.

IG: @RicardoLevinsMorales

*h/t Dr. Diana Quinn Inlak’ech

Blerd’s the word

The other day, a friend and fellow writer asked for suggestions to get out of her creative funk. I suggested that she could watch anime. She then asked for suggestions for newbies since she never watched anime before.

Shocked GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

So I and a few other folks chimed in about what we thought would be good for noobs. Practically anything by Studio Ghibli. I specifically mentioned Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke. They're all movies so no waiting around for the next episode.

I also learned that the movie Howl’s Moving Castle was an adaptation of the fantasy novel by Diana Wynne Jones: (And now I’m about to buy yet another book I don’t have time to read until this semester is done. HALP!)

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